Team Challenge

Merit Partners enjoyed an afternoon of team building activities down at Lake Bennett on Friday 19th April. This year’s team are: Rosemary's team "The Super Squad" (Blue & Red), Amin's team "The Wheelers & Dealers" (Black), Steven's team "Stevens Tigers" (Orange/Salmon) & Matthew's team "Blue M&M's" (Blue). The games were a little more exhausting than other years have been, it was an Amazing Race afternoon. Each team had to collect clues that led them to flags with more clues, a piece of elastic and 4 tennis balls that each team had to get all their tennis balls into the bucket in the middle and of course Tug-Of-War!

A very BIG thank you ‘Life Be In It’ for organising the team games, the Social club for organising the event and also to everyone that participated on the day.