Al’s Story

Coming straight out of high school, Merit Partners took me in to undertake their traineeship program where I was employed as a trainee accountant studying to complete an Accounting degree. The general structure of the program involved a mix of work and study where the first two years of the traineeship was full-time work/part-time study with paid study leave and the last two years on a full-time study/part-time work basis.

First day on the job and no prior experience, I absolutely had no idea how to do the work I was given. Luckily, this great program included a “Buddy” system. The “Buddy” was a senior colleague paired with new employees and their role was to be there and guide you along the way, from helping you learn the ropes to welcoming you as a new member of the Merit Partners family.

During the program, I received various training, from basic skills such as Excel to technical FBT/SMSF/Tax topics. From a university student's point of view, I could see how my studies were applied in practice. I also found myself lucky compared to other students as I had access to accounting software and research tools, and with actual work experience in both tax and audit, I breezed through difficult assignments such as tax preparations and audit assertions.

The biggest challenge I found undertaking the program was managing time in our busy season. Juggling work with study commitments was very difficult but the great thing about Merit is that they are very flexible with work hour arrangements.

Four years of learning, I completed my traineeship. I now have a Bachelor's degree plus four years accounting experience under my belt.

But why stop there when you can do greater?

Chartered Accountant (CA) Program Shortly after graduating uni, I decided to take on Merit's study supported CA Program, a post graduate accounting program. The program required you to log your practical experience, where you work more closely with a mentor’s (one of your directors’) guidance as you undertake your studies of technical modules to becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Fast forward another three years since completing my traineeship, I am now a qualified Chartered Accountant with at least seven years accounting experience with one of my recent achievement being promoted to Assistant Manager and now have the privilege of my own portfolio of clients. I’m proud to say I grew up with Merit and would recommend their traineeship program as a great way to start an accounting career.

By Al Flores 2015